1982 Honda Civic 1500 GL

1982 Honda Civic 1500 GL White

Update: Sorry to say, but the Honda has died. (485,988 Miles). Parts are now for sale. Tell me what you need.

Serial Number JHMSR5338CS004029

This car was purchased in 1982 for $6,354 (See Window Sticker) plus tax/tags/etc., and was driven pretty hard for the next 4 years. I purchased it in 1986 for $2,000 with over 90,000 miles on it. Many miles, years, parts, repairs, and paint jobs later, the poor thing keeps on running. It broke the 400,000 mile mark on August 12, 1998. I hit 475,000 miles on July 20, 2001. It's now year 2001 and the mile counter is still clicking. Third gear is lost somewhere in the bottom of the transmission and I don't know where the frame went (rust). A half a million miles is still over a year away. I don't think it's going to make it.

1982 Honda Civic 1500 GL Gold

Here is a more recent picture. I am easily fooled, so every time I paint it, I think I have a new car. This is just one of its previous colors, Aztec Gold. I now have 475,000 miles on this little car and it still averages 38.2 miles per gallon. (Updated July 20, 2001).

I hear Honda is going to redesign the Civic and make it get bigger in the 2001 model year. With a 1.7 liter engine, it will have a flatter torque curve and more horsepower. But no hatchbacks?

1982 Honda Civic 1500 GL Yellow

Yep, I have painted it again. I think the paint is holding it together. I always wanted a Mandarin Yellow (Red Devil) car. Maybe I should have been a taxi driver. It is amazing what you can do with a $9.00 quart of paint. Now I need a name for it. How about Killer Bee?

1982 Honda Civic 1500 GL Yellow

Want to see this car tow a boat?

1982 Honda Civic 1500 GL Engine pistons head

This is a picture of the engine after I blew a head gasket. Antifreeze in the engine sure does clean up that carbon. Check out piston #2.

Update: The Honda has died. I am very sorry to say, that it never hit the 1/2 million miles mark. It died at 485,988 miles. For some reason, it was only running on 3 three cylinders and I just gave up trying to hold it together.. I think I had a bad valve, but I just did not think it was worth all the time and money to figure it out and my 1985 VW Golf was ready to take on the flame.

1982 Honda Civic Parts are now for sale. Just email me.