The 1970 Harley Davidson Sportster


The 1970 Harley Davidson Sportster celebrated it's 40 year anniversary in 2010. To celebrate this event, I started collecting pictures and information of these 40+ year old motorcycles. If you have a 1970 sportster (XLCH or XLH) please send me your pictures and story.

This page is dedicated to the 1970 Harley Davidson Sportster. Harley Davidson made over 8,500 Sportsters in 1970 (3,033 XLH's and 5,527 XLCH's) and here are some of the best. I hope you enjoy. Sportster Pictures Here!

Check out these 1970 Harley Davidson Sportsters. Just click on the Serial Number and see the bike!
Serial Number Owner - Email
4A18739H0 Tom Nichols - tom_nichols@yahoo. com
3A?????H0 Harley-Davidson - unknown
4A13851H0 J.B. Zieg - jbz@johnbuechner. com
4A19228H0 Michael Plant -
4A10421H0 Steve (fospeed) -
??? Janke -
4A15305H0 Rebecca - rjarman@colusanet. com
4A15322H0 Dan Gallagher - avanimal@earthlink. net
3A10291H0 Todd Last - Rubatoguy@mind
3A18377H0 Bob Meachum - rmeachum@satx.rr. com
4A12607H0 Shane "kickstart" Parini - MUDSHOVEL70@aol. com
?A?????H0 Dave Nich -
4A?????H0 JR Chestnutt - jrchestnutt@wrkelso. com
4A?????H0 John Weaver - j_e_weaver@yahoo. com
Reserved For Your - Sportster
3A = XLH . - .
4A = XLCH . - .

More Information about 1970 Sportsters
Original Sales Brochure Original price list for a XLH
Specifications Drawings
Gear Ratios Can you identify my dad's Harley?
Favorite Sportster Links Wiring Diagrams XLCH or XLH
Sigma Sport BC800 Cycle Computer Sportster Pictures
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